March On, Grove Stand and Set Sail available this weekend, also vote for us as Best New Brewery!
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The Brothers Comatose (feat. T Sisters) - City Painted Gold (Live)
Check out this live recording of “City Painted Gold,” from The Brothers Comatose featuring vocals from Oakland Americana trio The T Sisters, shot by Jacob Skaggs at the Brewery in Berkeley. It was a lot of fun to make, so we hope you enjoy watching it.

Tickets are ON SALE HERE for our 2nd Anniversary Party on Friday, March 31st at The UC Theatre. It's going to be a great evening of music and craft beer. We look forward to seeing you there!

We have a trifecta of brand new delicious beers for you to try this weekend, available in all three taprooms! March On, Hoppy & Strong (Brewed with Pink Boots Bay Area Chapter); Grove Stand, Double IPA; and Set Sail, Pale Ale. 

March On, Hoppy & Strong
"Here at Fieldwork Brewing Company we are thankful for many things; but at this current time in our industry one stands out more than any other. There would be no Fieldwork if it weren't for the amazing mothers that raised us, there would be no Fieldwork if it weren't for the amazing, and talented, and kind, and hard working, and brilliant, and strong women that work with us every day, and there would be no Fieldwork if it weren't for the unbelievable support we receive from the women who visit our tasting rooms every day. It was emotionally glorious to see pictures of our employees, male and female, marching alongside others from this great industry in the name of women's rights, safety, and health last month. So, when we read about a brewery in Sacramento that made disparaging remarks about our family and others for participating in the Womens March on Washington and marches around the world, we decided to do what we do best... we rang up the Pink Boots Society, we brewed a beer together, and we're using it to raise a bunch of money for our friends at Planned Parenthood in the name of women's health. Oh, and this beer is hoppy and tastes good. Thanks for listening and March On."

Grove Stand, Double IPA
A collision course of a few of our favorite hops, Grove Stand Double IPA is an absolute juice bomb of a beer. Before this beer even parks in front of you, you'll smell it coming, a rocket launcher of pineapple juice and orange marmalade explode your senses, followed up with an assault of even more fresh cut pineapple, overripe mango, and a hint of orange pith. The perfect amount of body and slick oat-induced mouthfeel supports all of these juicy hop flavors, yet still remains incredibly refreshing and terrifyingly crushable for being a beer that weighs in at 9%. Finishing moderately sticky and dissipating ever so slowly, this Grove Stand Double IPA tastes like you should be able to find it next to a carton of Dole at your local market.

Set Sail, Pale Ale (Coming in time for the weekend)
Set Sail is our Pale Ale that travels between coasts taking what we consider a prototypical Northeast-style grainbill and fermentation profile, then smothering it with a quintessential West Coast hop profile. With a high a high content of oats and a hint of sweetness, the resinous elixir coats your palate with a chewy mouthfeel, and the slightest bit of stickiness on your lips. We opted for a soft bitterness to keep the juicy characteristics moving forward, but then continued on with a hop bill that we thought exemplified the best examples of a California Double IPA. Big notes of grapefruit permeate from the glass, hinting towards the citrus heavy flavor with zero restraint. As the explosion of grapefruit settles, an assertive resinous pine character bobs across your palate like a buoy in a storm with dank nugs of weed raining down on the sea. Set Sail Pale Ale is a beer that is equal parts form and function; using a hop profile inspired by one of our favorite Double IPAs in a much smaller form factor to ensure we can keep putting down the pints regardless of how long the voyage.

As always, well behaved adults, children and dogs are welcome.

The Fieldwork Crew

*Berkeley Taproom Hours*
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Best New Brewery

Founded in Berkeley in early 2015, Fieldwork Brewing Company has been so successful, they're already expanding with new taprooms in Napa and Sacramento, with new ones slated to open soon in San Mateo and Monterey. Besides several brews available on draft (and in growlers to go) Fieldwork recently launched a limited release can program as well.

If you are visiting the taproom just to get Crowlers or growler fills, be sure to step to the right side of the bar and order from our #ForAdventuresTogo area. 

We all love to take tasty beer #ForAdventuresTogo, but how do we ensure that we are getting the highest quality from our growlers and Crowlers? We thought we'd jot down some general guidelines for proper care of your offsite vessels.

*Glass- Be sure your glass is clean and rinsed when you bring it in for filling. Don't use fat or oil based detergents, rinse well and air dry, extra points if you sanitize it too. When not in use, be sure to store your glass with the lid off. 

*Drink fresh- We suggest consuming both Crowlers and growlers within 3 to 4 days to avoid degrading quality (one week max) and be sure to store them cold the entire time.

*Cover up- If your growler has another logo on it, be sure to tape over it. Growlers must reflect properly what is currently inside them. 

*Remember- that growlers and Crowlers are pressurized containers and can explode if not handled correctly. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures, like putting them in the freezer or leaving them in a hot car for long periods of time.
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The Brothers Comatose (feat. T Sisters) - City Painted Gold (Live)

Check out this new video from The Brothers Comatose singing “City Painted Gold” at the Berkeley taproom!

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