Photo of Mo Pulp

Mo Pulp


  • 6.9% ABV

We know what you are all thinking, "but i said in the comments section that I wanted DDH Pulp! just make DDH Pulp, why won't you just do what I say?" Rest assured your requests have been heard, but you didn't say "please." That, and our Mosaic this year has been so fire right out the gates that we couldn't help ourselves. We split the double-dry hopping right down the middle, half Citra, half Mosaic, two dry hops. It's shockingly similar to DDH Pulp in almost every way from its pillowy body to its jamba juice-like profile; but there is an intense second layer of aromas and flavors that turn the orange juice of DDH Pulp into straight orange candy wedges with notes trailing after it of gooseberries, muscat grapes, and passionfruit sorbet. Our hops for DDH Pulp come from a specific farm every year, and when we start bringing those in please know DDH Pulp will be the first thing we brew. But in the meantime we hope this here Mo Pulp will put a smile on your face and keep you happy.

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Citra, Mosaic