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Photo of Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas


  • 6.7% ABV

Originally the second beer in our one-time-only appreciation-fueled "Saint Series," and after months of longing to drink it again, we gave in and promoted Saint Thomas to rotational status in our series of hazy IPAs. This single hop American IPA showcases Mosaic hops alongside our clean and grainy pilsner malt and copious amounts of wheat and oats. Living up to its name, Saint Thomas opens up with an aromatic barrage of freshly made tropical fruit salad, dousing the sinuses in a cavalcade of over-ripe melons and fresh squeezed fruit juice. Honeydew Melon, ripe citrus, fresh green grapes, and hints of pineapple juice dominate the palate. The grain bill provides a blank canvas, letting the hop character dance all over the palate, finishing with a clean and refreshing note of freshly cut ruby red grapefruit. We try our best not to admit that we have a favorite, but it is impossible to deny how much we adore this tropical fruit punch of a beer.

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