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Photo of Sea Farmer

Sea Farmer


  • 7.3% ABV

Named after the Jack London short story of the same name, Sea Farmer contains salt from the very waters its protagonist navigates in the Celtic Sea. A fair amount of wheat, along with the sea salt gives Sea Farmer a hazy appearance atypical to Fieldwork IPAs. We use a blend of Amarillo and Centennial hops to play off of their grapefruit-like qualities, then a begrudgingly massive amount of grapefruits are robbed of their peels and sent to a steer farm for feed. The grapefruit peel addition creates a fresh squeezed juice character that taunts you to keep sipping it. Sea Farmer comes into port with a beautiful marriage between salinity, hops, and grapefruit; no one component overpowering the others.

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Amarillo, Centennial