Photo of Simcado


Double IPA

  • 8.2% ABV

Like two weather fronts colliding to cause the perfect storm, Simcoe and El Dorado hops create a downpour of juicy hop resins on the palate with a thunderous presence. Gusts of fresh cut melon, peach juice, and citrus from the El Dorado blast through every peak and valley on your tongue until they crash head on with the Simcoe-induced ruby red grapefruit and funky passionfruit notes; flooding your palate until it is oversaturated with tropical flavors. Malt character with the profile of a caramelized granola bar gets swirled up in this softly bittered cyclone of Double IPA, and dropped into Lake El Dorado, accentuating the juicy nature of its hops and hiding its alcohol like rations in a storm shelter

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Simcoe & El Dorado