Photo of Skynet


Dry-Hopped Red Ale

  • 6% ABV

Putting our Fieldwork twist on a classic style, we did what we do best and left out any and all specialty malt; relying strictly on our base malt and Belgian candy syrup for the red hue of this beer. This gives us a red ale that still remains dry, drinkable, and void of malt character; all the while providing really nice cracker-jack and roasted dark fruit notes. However, the star of this beer is still the hops. We loaded this new school Red Ale with nothing but the Southern Hemisphere hop, Dr. Rudi, to provide a complex and juicy aroma hitting upfront notes of guava and pear, only to give way to more traditional American hop flavors of pine and citrus that you will rarely find in a red ale. Deep red in color but not malty, toffee-like backbone but not sweet, typically boring style but obnoxiously flavorful and delicious; Skynet Dry-Hopped Red Ale is as much of a love sonnet to New Zealand hops as it is a middle finger to malt.

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Dr. Rudi