Photo of Smoakland


Oak Smoked Porter

  • 6.2% ABV

Before Porters consisted of peanut butter, chocolate, lactose, coffee, breakfast cereal, and used copies of Juvenile's 400 Degreez c.d., they were simply blanketed with smoke; a basic step in process that has a huge impact on the finished product. We got inspired from some of the fine agricultural goods grown in West Oakland and decided to get all Better Homes and Gardens on that ass, making an electric smoker out of a used bourbon barrel, and smoking all of this beer's rolled oats over bourbon barrel oak staves. Hours later our clothes reeked of smoke and it was time to go outside and check on the oats. We tossed the oats in with a classic porter recipe already equipped with huge notes of extra dark chocolate, incinerated toffee, sidewalk roasted chestnuts, and Swisher Sweets blunt wraps. Together teamed with a small dose of our Fieldwork Dank Blend of hops this beer doesn't get overwhelmed by any components and remains shockingly in balance. Smoakland is just what we wanted, chewy, heavy, smoky, and chocolatey... however, due to the graphic game-orienfestedness of this Oak Smoked Porter drinker discretion is advised.

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