Photo of Sniff Test (Equinox)

Sniff Test (Equinox)

Single Hop IPA

  • 7% ABV

Piggybacking off of our single-hop Blonde Ale series named Field Trial, we developed Sniff Test for the same purpose of testing out experimental hops, newer hop varietals and new crop year hops to see how much we like them and learn how to best use them, this time in an IPA setting. For this series we use a fairly trademark Fieldwork grain-bill, ferment with our house IPA yeast, and each time we brew it we will use a different hop to see how they pop in a Fieldwork IPA. Always soft in bitterness, creamy in mouthfeel, and highlighted by what could be the next star of an IPA near you. In this Sniff Test, we used Equinox hops, a hop varietal out of Yakima Valley Washington. When we selected this year's Equinox hops we were blown away with how great they smelled, so in turn, we had to brew a single hop to see if it could stand up all on its own. Yes... yes it most certainly can.

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