Photo of The Baker

The Baker

Double Brownie Stout

  • 8.4% ABV

There's a little known secret in the brewing industry that we're going to let out. Our brewery, every brewery, would not thrive without the support of the friends, the family, and often most importantly, the significant others of our employees. We never play favorites, but one of the aforementioned people makes it impossible not to, Sarah The Baker. Never an employee's birthday goes by that she doesn't deliver the most extravagant baked goods; so the ides of March is our turn to pay it back. The result, The Baker Double Brownie Stout. A thick and creamy display of all things chocolate begins with an extremely high grade, dark, and alkalized cocoa powder from Belgium in our kettle. After fermentation we rest The Baker on even more cocoa as well as our favorite cocoa nibs from Africa. Once it hits peak chocolatiness, we give it a heavy dose of nitrogen to accentuate the milk chocolate frosting-esque nature of this liquid brownie. We rarely dedicate a beer to anyone, so that should tell you just how much we love Sarah... or brownies. Either way ya know.

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