Photo of Throwing Darts in Lovers’ Eyes

Throwing Darts in Lovers’ Eyes

Mixed Fermentation Saison

  • 6.1% ABV

Throwing Darts in Lovers' Eyes is a mixed fermentation Saison brewed with our house Saison yeast strain, a blend of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and who knows what else that lives in the realm of our sour barrels and in our sour aging and packaging equipment. After quite some time aging in the back of the brewery we found that this Saison of sorts had developed quite a beautiful bouquet of flavors ranging from funky barnyard notes to mildly tart grapefruit to its bright and grainy malt backbone. We're really excited how this beer turned out with its impeccable balance landing perfectly between highly complex and exquisitely enjoyable.

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