Photo of Valerie


Dry-Hopped Belgian Pale

  • 8.5% ABV

We tend to brew our Belgian styled beers fairly in line with the classics that inspire us, with minimal showboating or flamboyance. Valerie is about as wild as we're willing to get with what is one of our favorite realms of beer. Dry-hopped with a responsible amount of Mosaic and Lemondrop the fruity esters of lemon zest and bubblegum pair masterfully with the aforementioned hops emitting huge notes of lemon hard candies, cantaloupe, ripe berries, and citrus salad. Quite balanced in bitterness and body, Valerie is perfect for Belgian lovers that aren't into bitter IPAs, or for hazebros looking to venture out of the IPA canyon and cross the bridge to something new.

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Mosaic, Lemondrop