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Extra Pale Ale

  • 5.8% ABV

Watershed Extra Pale Ale is an attempt to push the boundaries of what a Pale Ale can be capable of. A grainbill consisting of solely our base malt helps this pale ale weigh in at a sturdy 5.8% ABV, all while leaving it dry as a bone and as pale as a straw of hay. With no crystal or character malt to get in the way, Watershed is all about the hops from start to finish. We dry hopped this Extra Pale Ale with the same amount of hops used in our double IPA, leaving it with a massive tropical nose. Aroma starts with tropical fruits of guava, pineapple and mango, then continues with citrus notes of grapefruit, tangerine, and lime. Fresh from the tap, you will find it painfully drinkable and refreshing, whether it is your first pint or your third. If you are able to resist and let your glass slowly warm up, you will find the hop character only gets bolder and more pungent. Either way, we think you will find Watershed satisfying if you are in the mood for a session beer, an IPA, or a Double IPA.

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