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Special Release Cans Available Online Now!

Hello Friends!

Available right now at www.FieldworkBrewing.com/pre-order are 16oz cans of PULP, Paulie Vs Steve, Puro Gusto and Finest Things! Limits are set at 12 cans per person of each beer while supplies last! At checkout, please note that the person’s name on the order, the credit card used, and the ID of the person who picks up the beer must all match. No proxies or exceptions. The pick-up window will start this Saturday, 8/17 when each Taproom opens, and will extend until Saturday 8/25. If cans sell out online, there will be no cans available for purchase in the Taprooms. 

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As always, well behaved adults, children and dogs are welcome.

The Fieldwork Crew

Finest Things
Here at Fieldwork, we definitely appreciate the Finer Things in life, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, "What are truly the Finest Things?". Well, we think we found the answer. Finest Things is our Mosaic dry-hopped Pilsner. Coming in at 5.8%, super crisp, and clean, with a massive hop aroma of red ruby grapefruit and honeydew melon. This beer combines two of our favorite things, Mosaic hops and a classic dry-hopped European Pilsner. And we think you'll agree, that it is truly one of the Finest Things. 
Paulie Vs Steve
Many brewers share the same best memories of being a brewer, your first time drinking Death & Taxes at Toronado, your first time drinking Blind Pig at Toronado, and your first time drinking your own beer at Toronado. We have a new best memory though, being asked to make an anniversary beer for the legend that is Toronado. While unworthy of the honor we set forth to prove ourselves wrong. Paulie vs. Steve IPA is an ode to the hallowed walls of Toronado, once a list comparing the two beer slingers behind the bar, now an IPA comparing the best qualities from each coast. With mellow malt character and vacant sweetness the Westcoast IPA bells begin to ring, only to be followed up with a pillowy body and softly balanced bitterness that jump to the other corner of the country. An aromatic wallop of Galaxy and El Dorado hops stick to your nostrils with a boisterous serenade of pineapple juice, pomelo zest, peach puree, and fresh squeezed limes. The hop flavor seems never ending and forever changing as it floats across your palate on that pillowy body, shifting from one fruit juice flavor to the next, but never shaking free from that machine gun of pineapple. Happy birthday to you Toronado, and thank you for everything.
PULP is what happens when we take our Pulp Free Westcoast IPA, drop the bittering additions and package it without any fining agents, leaving it turbid and creamy. Using a slightly more fruit-focused yeast strain this IPA kicks-off complimentary yeast esters of over-ripe peaches falling from the tree that pair perfectly with its hops. While none of our beers are ever filtered, PULP exemplifies this with the appearance of an opaque monster that adds a nice juicy mouthfeel to the beer, making it stick to the palate in an aggressive nature. The abundance of Citra hops create an aromatic bombardment that smells like a Sunday drive through a citrus orchard in peak of season; with notes of fresh orange, yellow grapefruit, and juicy sweet mango trekking from the first sniff to the last sip. PULP delivers just what we want, pure juicy hop deliciousness in its most natural of forms.
Puro Gusto
Puro Gusto is what happens when good friends do great favors. While sitting belly to the bar at Dead Reckoning in Arcata our good friend Theo plopped down a can that no one ordered. It was an Italian Pilsner. A whata what? Yeah, we were confused too, but then we were quickly blown the eff away by how perfect the beer was. A year later we finally got around to putting our spin on the Italian Pilsner. Keeping things super simple with just Pilsner malt, Lager yeast, and German hops; we brewed up a super crisp and slightly bitey Pilsner with a grainy backbone and a hefty dry-hop of German Select hops creating a pungency that increases as the beer warms up with notes of fresh cut grass, cherry blossoms, lilac, a delicate earthiness, and sweet pears. Don't feel like you need to come in and drink any Puro Gusto, more than likely we're gonna do our best to kill the whole batch with shifties.
Why wait in line? Pre-Order your Crowlers for same day or next day pickup at all of our locations. Select your beers and choose a pickup time. Your Crowlers will be waiting for you when you arrive. It's that easy! Any orders received after 8 pm will be considered placed the next day. Subject to limits and availability. Must be 21+ to purchase and present valid ID matching the name on the order at time of pickup.
Select your pickup location. Choose beers available in Crowlers and add those to your cart.
Provide the name on your credit card, your phone number and approximate time of pickup. Pay for your order using secure payment technology from Stripe. Must be 21+ to purchase and present valid ID matching the name on the order at time of pickup.
If you are visiting the taproom just to get Crowlers or growler fills, be sure to step to the right side of the bar and order from our #ForAdventuresToGo area. 

We all love to take tasty beer #ForAdventuresToGo, but how do we ensure that we are getting the highest quality from our growlers and Crowlers? We thought we'd jot down some general guidelines for proper care of your offsite vessels.

*Glass- Be sure your glass is clean and rinsed when you bring it in for filling. Don't use fat or oil based detergents, rinse well and air dry, extra points if you sanitize it too. When not in use, be sure to store your glass with the lid off. 

*Drink fresh- We suggest consuming both Crowlers and growlers within 3 to 4 days to avoid degrading quality (one week max) and be sure to store them cold the entire time.

*Cover up- If your growler has another logo on it, be sure to tape over it. Growlers must reflect properly what is currently inside them. 

*Remember- that growlers and Crowlers are pressurized containers and can explode if not handled correctly. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures, like putting them in the freezer or leaving them in a hot car for long periods of time.
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