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Altered Yeast, Orange Parfait & Jude The Obscure available at all of our Taprooms tomorrow!
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Altered Yeast, Orange Parfait & Jude The Obscure  
Available Tomorrow !


Hello Friends!

Special Release cans of Altered Yeast and Orange Parfait along with bottles of Jude The Obscure will be available at all of our Taprooms on Saturday, December 8th! 11 am in Berkeley, Napa, Sacramento, San Mateo & San Ramon/12 pm in Monterey. Limits will be determined by turnout at each location. Growler fills of Altered Yeast and Orange Parfait will be available. No Crowler fills of these beers will be available.

Altered Yeast IPA

"Yeast has been the true final frontier in IPA for quite some time now; after decades of experimenting with hops, malt, and different water profiles, it's finally time for breweries to enjoy and explore the possibilities using expressive yeast strains. Altered Yeast is our IPA to celebrate the holy matrimony between yeast esters and hop aromas. Alongside using the best aromatic yeast strains we can find we also loaded this one up with two of the orangiest hops that ever have oranged; Citra and Southern Passion. These aren't two of our favorite hops for no reason, with huge notes of orange marmalade, tangerine zest, tampico, and canned peaches in syrup the Citra and Southern Passion hops pair perfectly with the fruity yeast esters to create an absolute juice bomb that we just couldn't achieve with a neutral yeast strain."

Why wait in line? We are now doing same day pickup of online Crowler pre-orders at all of our taprooms! Select your beers and choose a pickup time. Your Crowlers will be waiting for you when you arrive. It's that easy (and a great idea for pickups today or tomorrow when we will be exceptionally busy)!

Your Berkeley beer menu for December, 7th available by the glass and for #ForAdventuresToGo:
1502, Vienna Lager
Old Love, Czech Lager
End of Years, Altbier
Simple Joys, Kellerbier
Greetings From Raspberry Park, Kettle Sour Ale 
Chloe, Belgian Pale Ale
Valerie, Dry-Hopped Belgian Pale Ale
Enchanted Tiki, IPA
Radlands, IPA
Resilience, IPA
Rye Like A Champion, IPA
Tiger Uppercut, Double IPA
Speed Of The Devil, Dry Hopped Red Ale
Gallows and Graves, Scotch Ale
Morning Time, Coffee Breakfast Stout
Super Normal, Porter
Admiral Snackbar, Imperial Milk Stout

Coming Saturday 12/8:
Altered Yeast, IPA
Orange Parfait, Kettle Sour Ale

As always, well behaved adults, children and dogs are welcome.

The Fieldwork Crew

*Berkeley Taproom Hours*
Monday-Thursday: 11 am to 10 pm
Friday: 11 am to 11 pm 
Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm 
Sunday: 11 am to 10 pm 
Orange Parfait
Fieldwork Parfaits are a series of tart beers where we take a big and creamy base of oats and milk sugar, then sour them in our kettle until they are bright, acidic, and effervescent. We then ferment and condition the beer on heaps of pureed or whole fruit until the beer is almost opaque with color looking almost like a melted crayon. A small vanilla addition plays with the lactose to create a whipped cream-like flavor profile and mouthfeel that is just big enough to compliment the fruit without overpowering or taking away from the real star of the pour. With Orange Parfait we have what we think tastes like a 50/50 Bar in a glass, no other way to describe it.
Jude The Obscure
In 2017 we joined forces with our close mates from O’Briens Pub in San Diego and brewed a tribute beer in honor of all of the legends of beer retail. A throwback to a time when craft beer didn’t reside on grocery store shelves; when it would hide on wire-racks in the back of your local market and on the often-ignored bottle menu at the occasional bar. This was all before the tsunami-like hop craze and the synonymous bond between stout and pastry ripped through the veins of our industry. Our king and queen of this era are the ester-fueled beers of Belgium and malt-driven strong ales of England. The excitement of finding these imported treats has never left our hearts, and with the help of O’Briens Pub we paid homage to both with the brutish elegance we baptized as Jude The Obscure. As much floor malted British malt that fits in our mash tun stewed alongside a pinch of Belgian specialty malt providing a sweet dough and toffee character that carries this Old Ale along its entire journey. We fermented half of the batch with a fruity Belgian yeast then sent it off to age in freshly dumped whiskey barrels while its English Ale yeast counterpart rested in stainless steel for their impending matrimony. The result is a fairly traditional English Barleywine with subtle tweaks that give this beautiful monster complex notes of toffee, figs, fresh challah loaf, oak, vanilla, golden raisin, and the obvious; whiskey. Our hope was that with time these flavors would only meld and become more entwined with each other as the oak and whiskey notes slowly softened so we could keep enjoying this beer over many years. Happily it is right on course, at its one year mark Jude's alcohol heat has taken a large mellowing out and tannin bite has dwindled into a delightful woody secondary note hiding behind what is developing to be quite nice sherry-like notes aided by just one year in the bottle. With a first year progress like this we can't wait to check back next year.
Now On Tap- Resilience Butte County Proud IPA
The recent Butte County fires were devastating. Many of us know someone directly affected by the fires and the recovery will be difficult and expensive for some. Our friends at Sierra Nevada are located in Chico and many of their employees lived in Paradise, a town almost completely destroyed by the fires. Sierra Nevada Brewery is brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA and has asked other craft breweries to join in the efforts to raise funds for the Sierra Nevada Brewery Camp Fire Relief Fund. We brewed Resilience on November 16th, and on the same day made an initial contribution of $10,000 to the fund.

ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of this beer will be donated to the Sierra Nevada Brewery Camp Fire Relief Fund. Please come by and enjoy a glass or two of Resilience and unlimited growler and Crowler fills will be available for you to fill and take home. If you are unable to enjoy the beer, please still consider donating directly to the fund.
Why wait in line? Pre-Order your Crowlers for same day or next day pickup at all of our locations. Select your beers and choose a pickup time. Your Crowlers will be waiting for you when you arrive. It's that easy! Any orders received after 8 pm will be considered placed the next day. Subject to limits and availability. Must be 21+ to purchase and present valid ID matching the name on the order at time of pickup.
Select your pickup location. Choose beers available in Crowlers and add those to your cart.
Provide the name on your credit card, your phone number and approximate time of pickup. Pay for your order using secure payment technology from Stripe. Must be 21+ to purchase and present valid ID matching the name on the order at time of pickup.
If you are visiting the taproom just to get Crowlers or growler fills, be sure to step to the right side of the bar and order from our #ForAdventuresTogo area. 

We all love to take tasty beer #ForAdventuresTogo, but how do we ensure that we are getting the highest quality from our growlers and Crowlers? We thought we'd jot down some general guidelines for proper care of your offsite vessels.

*Glass- Be sure your glass is clean and rinsed when you bring it in for filling. Don't use fat or oil based detergents, rinse well and air dry, extra points if you sanitize it too. When not in use, be sure to store your glass with the lid off. 

*Drink fresh- We suggest consuming both Crowlers and growlers within 3 to 4 days to avoid degrading quality (one week max) and be sure to store them cold the entire time.

*Cover up- If your growler has another logo on it, be sure to tape over it. Growlers must reflect properly what is currently inside them. 

*Remember- that growlers and Crowlers are pressurized containers and can explode if not handled correctly. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures, like putting them in the freezer or leaving them in a hot car for long periods of time.
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