Photo of Cobra Mai

Cobra Mai

German Bock Lager

  • 7% ABV

We love us some Maibock, and the unfortunate dearth of them in the states has forced our hand into making one of our own. Cobra Mai hits all the notes we were looking for; a little malty but not sweet, some hop flavor but not what one would consider "hoppy," dry but not thin, and high in alcohol for a lager but not so much you notice it's there. Most are not familiar with Maibocks, and that's ok. If you ask us, when it's hot outside and we want an IPA but are feeling burnt out on hops.... there's not many beers that slot in better than Cobra Mai. Crispy and clean like a Lager should be, but high enough in alcohol that we forget to put on sunblock and wake up with ridiculous looking sock tans.

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