Photo of Green Rest

Green Rest


  • 6.9% ABV

Green Rest IPA was conceived to showcase what we believe is the superiority of unfiltered and un-fined hoppy beers. We coined the term "Green Rest" to describe the duration between the kegging of our IPA's (never filtered) and the day we feel the beer is drinking at its absolute best. Hitting the market only when we think it is tasting at its peak, Green Rest IPA is a veritable playground for the infinitely complex hops known as Simcoe. Its nose is untamed with potent aromas of fresh grapefruit and sweet guava that bump and grind on your olfactory receptors like an un-chaperoned homecoming dance. One sip in and you'll rejoice that the cafeteria is serving grapefruit juice with lunch; as this opaque elixir runs across your palate notes of fresh squeezed grapefruit mixes with hints of grapefruit blossom, followed by a mild acidity and sweetness, only to finish with a bright and refreshing flavor of grapefruit oil and pith. With a little extra time in the tank to avoid filtration and fining agents, Green Rest IPA graduates into being a hop-bomb that we are beyond proud of. We truly believe the Bay Area is putting out the best hoppy beers in the world, and we don't think it's a coincidence that our favorites are all unfiltered. Raise a glass with us to all of our fellow breweries willing to sacrifice time and money in the name of making the best product they can. Cheers!

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