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Photo of Modern Love

Modern Love

Dry Hopped Lager

  • 4.8% ABV

Oh the difference a hop makes. While Old Love is our Bohemian Lager that pays homage to the classic lagers of Europe, its fraternal twin Modern Love shares the exact same recipe with only one difference, the hops. We substituted traditional German hops for the new school Gatling gun of juiciness, El Dorado. The dry and clean lager profile is draped in a cape of hop-driven character drenching it with notes of pineapple, peaches, citrus, and finishes stickier and danker than hands in Humboldt during trimming season. Instead of showcasing the balance of the light bitterness, floral hops, and clean malt character, Modern Loves’ seesaw can't be lifted off the earth's crust as it is weighed down with a heaping serving of pungent dry hops. We don't have a favorite between these two beers, but we would be lying if we said we didn't have a preference depending on the day and the severity of our hop-withdrawals.

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