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Photo of Salted Cucumber

Salted Cucumber

Farmhouse Ale

  • 5.9% ABV

As temperatures rise, clouds disperse, and feet start craving the sand; the empty cup holder on your Adirondack chair beckons for one thing, Salted Cucumber Farmhouse Ale. Reaching back to the roots of the style, you will find the nth degree of refreshment, transporting your palate to a beachfront cabana. Astute aroma of freshly diced cucumber launches out of the glass, blending elegantly with a smorgasbord of Saison yeast esters, slowly dissipating as it draws you in. Crisp carbonation bounces the cucumber flavors off the palate as it is chased by mild malt and oat character, finishing with an assertive salinity. The addition of French sea salt keeps all taste buds on high alert, convincing you to keep chasing the cucumber. Surprisingly balanced between the sea salt, cucumber, and classic Saison character, Salted Cucumber is the hyper-refreshing ale you want to crush all summer.

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