Photo of Set Sail

Set Sail

Pale Ale

  • 5.6% ABV

Set Sail is our Pale Ale that travels between coasts; taking what we consider a prototypical Northeast-style grain bill and fermentation profile then smother it with a quintessential West Coast hop profile. With a high content of oats and a hint of sweetness, the resinous elixir coats your palate with a chewy mouthfeel and the slightest bit of stickiness on your lips. We opted for a soft bitterness to keep the juicy characteristics moving forward but then continued on with a hop bill that we thought exemplified the best examples of a California Double IPA. Big notes of grapefruit permeate from the glass, hinting towards the citrus heavy flavor with zero restraint. As the explosion of grapefruit settles, an assertive resinous pine character bobs across your palate like a buoy in a storm with dank nugs of weed raining down on the sea. Set Sail Pale Ale is a beer that is equal parts form and function; using a hop profile inspired by one of our favorite Double IPAs in a much smaller form factor to ensure we can keep putting down the pints regardless of how long the voyage.

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Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus