Photo of Shadow Skills

Shadow Skills

Black Lager

  • 4.4% ABV

In a world where everyone wants pastry Stouts we find ourselves yearning for a Yin to our whimsical baking aisle Yang. Always championing diversity in beer, we created the aforementioned Yin; Shadow Skills Black Lager, the result of a drunken tryst between a German Lager and a classic British Stout. Our goal was to create a complex beer with hints of confectionary-inspired flavors using classic ingredients and our Fieldwork process. An extended boil and a European malt bill creates notes of cocoa-covered raisins, mocha, honey-roasted almonds, and rich toffee. A light hop bitterness balances out the malt intensity of this beer while also contributing contrasting floral and citrus notes from Cascade hops. Fermented with a European Lager yeast, Shadow Skills displays the clean and crisp characteristics you would expect from a classic Black Lager but with an untraditional and far richer profile of chocolate, roast, and bready malt. It's not easy to balance a Lager that tastes like a Stout that you can drink throughout the year but Shadow Skills Black Lager strikes the balance between complexity and drinkability needed to enjoy a beer in any season.

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