Photo of Shanty Town

Shanty Town

Chinook Brown

  • 5% ABV

In the world of beer there are far too many components that are underrated and undervalued; so we opted to take our two favorite victims of this to create what we think is an exciting take on an exquisite classic. The result is Shanty Town Chinook Brown. Putting our spin on the classic American Brown Ale we built ours with an engine powered by chocolate malts that provide a loud purr of cocoa powder and baker’s chocolate, followed by a slow ride of doughy malt flavors. To up the octane we brewed this beer solely with the classic Westcoast hop Chinook, firing off resinous notes of pine needles with a subtle hint of grapefruit. To keep everything in balance there is an uncharacteristic amount of oats to give a nice chewy body and a solid frame for the Chinook's powertrain to do what it does best. Thought Brown Ale is just a style that is imported from England in a clear bottle and tastes like 10 yards of manure filtered through burnt hair? Give Shanty Town a shot and open your palate to what a fantastic style it can be.

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