Photo of Shelter Rat

Shelter Rat

Pale Ale

  • 5.7% ABV

Mile marker #1 and your legs are burning like you didn't know they could. Mile marker #2, now your lungs are letting air out faster than you can take it in. Mike marker #3, sweat is dripping off your forehead and down the tip of your nose, your feet are sliding along, dragging a path of gravel behind. Finally mile marker #4, only 31 more miles to go. Ehhhhh, screw it, let those guys go on without you. Set up camp a bit early and throw your feet up, cause that hiking thing is for the birds anyways. Crack a beer, ahhhhhhhh, this Pale Ale is perfect, who needs the mountains, this beer has all the pine you wanted. It's so dank! You don't even need to break out your stash, I mean, you still can though. Yeah, might as well roll a fatty just to be safe. Now don't hide it, light it. Resinous, citrus, pine and dank, too perfect right now. Just bitter enough, crap, all gone, do we have any more? Pass me one, hey! pass me that too. It's fine, we'll just hang out here until everyone gets back. I swear to god though, I don't want to hear them calling us Shelter Rats when they get back. I have a bad knee, they know that. Hey, you think Dave would care if I ate his crackers?

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Simcoe, Columbus, Fieldwork Dank Blend