Photo of Shoot The Moon

Shoot The Moon

American Stout

  • 4.7% ABV

At Fieldwork we constantly brew with a 'go for everything or nothing' disposition: to pull out the stops and go for broke. In a beer world where the wild the audacious and the obscene are often the target of our liquid admiration, sometimes the bold and daring move is to retreat to the simple, the classic, and the hard to hide behind. Shoot The Moon is exactly that, a classic American Stout that we Fieldworkify by building up a bit more body, with a bit less bitterness and astringency, and then swap out the old school hops for a restrained and balanced dose of Citra. The result is a chewy and drinkable American Stout that strikes a unique balance between rich milk chocolate notes with hop-induced bright orange peel flavors. A classic flavor profile merged with a classic style, brewed in a non-classic manner; Shoot The Moon American Stout will show what uniqueness might lay in balance and subtlety.

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