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Photo of Sky Captain of Yesteryear

Sky Captain of Yesteryear

Black IPA

  • 7% ABV

In 2007 the Black IPA emerged from the fray with wild acclaim and excitement. This brought forth a number of questions; how can it be an India PALE Ale and be black? What's the point of making an IPA black? Isn't this just a Cascadian Dark Ale? What the hell is a Cascadian Dark Ale? and why in god's name does our Lead Brewer Wes love Black IPAs so much? We'll likely never know the answers, so we brewed one to find out. Sky Captain of Yesteryear takes all of our modern brewing knowledge, throws it in a Delorean going 88 mph, and sends it back in time to 2007 to create what we think is a really good dank and grapefruity take on this trend long gone dead. Growing weary of IPA in 2018? this is the beer for you, with its aggressive dank pine needle flavors and big citrus peel aroma Sky Captain of Yesteryear is quite possibly the anti-hazy IPA.

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Amarillo, Eureka