Photo of Sniff Test (Waimea)

Sniff Test (Waimea)

Single Hop IPA

  • 7% ABV

We are extremely excited to bring you this batch of Sniff Test, not only did we brew it with some amazing Waimea hops, but we teamed up with our friends at BBS Yeast (Berkeley Brewing Science) to use a custom yeast strain they designed just for us! Why should you care you may be asking? Well, in more than 10,000 years of brewing history, there has never been a beer scientifically engineered for dankness. This beer is brewed with some AMAZING yeast. It produces terpenes, the same molecules that come from dank hops (and dank WEED). The result--some nice citrusy and floral notes that meld with the Waimea hops to create an aroma reminiscent of a Squaw Valley gondola.

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