Photo of Spastic Art

Spastic Art

Farmhouse Ale

  • 6.70% ABV

Going back to the roots of the Farmhouse Ale by extracting sugars for fermentation from as many sources as can be grown locally; we threw in a slew of different types of grain as well as Red Kuri squash, Kabocha squash, and potatoes. The vegetables contribute not only fermentables but also starches that give the beer a fairly opaque appearance as well as a load of flavors and mouthfeel. The squash adds a bit of nuttiness and sweetness along with hints of avocado toast and roasted apple sauce. A dusting of Fuggle hops provides a subtle woody and floral backbone that melds the bouquet from the squash and potatoes to the spicy and floral esters from the Saison yeast. Spastic Art Farmhouse Ale is a beer that might sound peculiar in concept but is shear art in the glass.

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