Photo of Speed Of The Devil

Speed Of The Devil

Dry-Hopped Red Ale

  • 7% ABV

Speed Of The Devil is the reworking and improvement of our past Red Ales. Not ones to throw dark malts into anything hoppy we skip out on any and all specialty malt additions and simply use a blend of Belgian Candy Syrup to give this hop-forward Ale its deep red glow as well as a deep complexity of dark fruit notes and toffee backbone. This enables Speed Of The Devil to achieve a level of dryness that isn't normally possible when loading up a Red Ale with dark crystal malts. A hefty dry-hopping of New Zealand Dr. Rudi hops lends a nice perfume ripe of guava, papaya, pine needles, and lemongrass that plays perfectly well with the fruity nature of the Belgian Syrups. While many of our favorite American Red Ales have gone the way of the buffalo we are unwilling to give up on the style and Speed Of The Devil is the perfect reason why.

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