Photo of Stereotypical


Westcoast IPA

  • 6.8% ABV

In a world of hazy and juicy, it's become easy to forget the reliable, the bitter, the aromatic, the refreshing: the Westcoast IPA. It's like, dude, made with the best hops ever. Like, a barrel of Mosaic, dude just pull in and get all crazy and stuff, then you take a fat sniff and WaPAH!! It just smacks the lip. No malt character dropping in today, like just dude, all hops like Bruhh!!! I don't even know what barley is. Dude, like all this fruity and citrusy hops just getting pitted, so pitted! We were told that it is "the perfect beer to rage on a fish taco stand with," but we think Stereotypical Westcoast IPA is the perfect beer for a hot summer where a bone-dry IPA with low body and crisp bitterness provides the hops along with the refreshment.

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