Photo of Storm Surge

Storm Surge

Double IPA

  • 9.9% ABV

Deceptive in strength, Storm Surge Double IPA attacks the palate like a dagger with aromas of tropical fruit, stone fruit, and resinous tones of only the finest giggle bush. First sips are thirst quenching with bright fruity flavors that take your palate on a Caribbean cruise, eventually followed by a tastebud slaughtering resinous hop character and just enough alcohol to warm your cheeks and nose even if that cruise ship were to capsize in the middle of the frigid Atlantic. British base malts add a nice orange hue to the beer and provide subtle biscuity and malty notes while still leaving Storm Surge Double IPA drier than your average pale ale and scarily, every bit as drinkable. As if this behemoth wasn't already deceptive enough, we charge it with nitrogen to create a silky mouthfeel that causes the malts and hops to homogenize into an absolute battle axe of a Double IPA that must be used with extreme caution.

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