Photo of Streams of Coffee

Streams of Coffee

English Dark Mild

  • 4% ABV

One of those most tiring things about being a brewer is telling people all of the styles you won't ever make, and then come up with excuses when you decide you'll finally come around to making them. In our next installment of classic styles that we are insecure about being able to pull off but are finally going to try to anyways, we bring you Streams Of Coffee, a classic English Dark Mild with a high-octane kick. While Stout is the most common vehicle for coffee in beer with their overlapping flavor profiles, we wanted to travel a path of complimentary flavors with an English Dark Mild. Rich malt character sets the tone with flavors of freshly made toffee, raisin bread, cocoa powder, and almond brittle; all accentuating the notes of the custom blend from Paramo Coffee without focusing solely on the stereotypical pot of coffee character. Streams Of Coffee English Dark Mild is our way of showcasing the complexity of one of our favorite old world ales and one of our favorite third wave coffees in a form factor small enough to be sessioned with minimal apprehension.

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