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Photo of Sun Machine is Coming Down

Sun Machine is Coming Down

Double IPA

  • 9% ABV

Inspired by one of our favorite beers of all time; a Brett IPA brewed a decade ago up in Anchorage Alaska, we decided to brew up a batch of King Citra and ferment it with our house Ale yeast and a bevy of Brettanomycies. The result is a funky hoppy combo with a deeply complex nose of orange peel, lemon-soaked hay, tangerine juice, and a deep wild yeast-driven earthiness. It's a little bigger in stature than our typical King Citra, and has transformed through its time in the bottle conditioning on a unique strain of Brett, but the heart and soul of it is all King. As this beer ages the hops will degrade slower than normal thanks to the oxygen scrubbing abilities of Brettanomycies, and the wild yeast complexity will only become more dominant. We think the balance between hop and hay is perfect right now so we bequeath upon you The Sun Machine Is Coming Down.

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