Photo of Super Delta

Super Delta

Imperial Red Ale

  • 8.8% ABV

Those of you that have been moseying around the Fieldwork fairgrounds may have come across our Hoppy Red Ale known as Delta. Containing no character malt at all it derives its color and complexity from dark Belgian candy syrup, which drips notes of plum and toffee all while creating a far drier Red Ale than previously possible. Super Delta is the supercharged version of said hoppy concoction; adding in clear Belgian candy syrup as well to increase the size of this lethal Red Ale while at the same time actually creating an even drier platform for the dual-hemisphere hop combination. Shoulder-bumping the candy syrup flavors in the hallway is Dr. Rudi, a complex hop from New Zealand that blends perfectly tropical fruit and pine in a way few can. Add to that the classic pine and citrus forward Chinook hops and you get Super Delta; our big and dry, juicy and piney, and complex and crushable Imperial Red Ale that doesn't come by all too often regardless of how often we tell it how super we think it is.

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