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  • 6.8% ABV

Upon first approach Swash is packed with sweet fruit-forward aromas; tangerine, kumquat, and pineapple, followed by a subtle yet complimentary sticky scent of "hippy lettuce." Immediately after the first sip your palate will be confused by the flip-flop of profile. What was once anticipated as sweet and fruity is an abrupt and dry shock to the sense, fairly bitter, incredibly dry, and big sticky dank flavors coat the palate; slowly giving way to the tangerine and kumquat heavy flavors initially anticipated. The bright and clear yellow appearance which should dismiss malt character is quickly proven a ruse as the English base malt settles the finish of the beer with soft notes of toasted bread. Swapping out what you see for what you get, and what you smell for what you taste, Swash is an IPA that does more credit to the Transformers than Michael Bay ever has.

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