Photo of T’angeline


Citrus Gose

  • 5.3% ABV

The sun is cresting over the earth and you just finished a heated LARP campaign and are need of some refreshment. Ingelrannus the Dragonheart takes out of his cooler the orange slices his mother doth packed for him. Nay my good friend, no orange slices or tangerine cuties for us, for today we will drink our fruit! T'Angeline Citrus Gose for all of the people of the Fieldwork Kingdom. Perfect for the random 65 degree heat waves that wreak havoc on the Bay Area. Hints of citrus on the nose are mostly provided by a light dusting of Mandarina hops, with the tangerines doing their job in the tart and citrus driven flavor profile of this non-traditional Gose. Salinity is hidden until salivation is induced and tartness quenches, leaving behind tastebuds that are at high alert and ready to crush more of this refreshing treat.

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