Photo of Tart of Gold

Tart of Gold

Kettle Sour Ale

  • 7.6% ABV

An amalgamation of styles from around the world, Tart of Gold Belgian Blonde Ale is a scenic trip discovering the sum of its parts. Beginning its voyage as a classic Belgian Golden Ale, we then let it take a short weekend jaunt in our kettle with a souring culture to produce a substantial amount of acidity, at which point we sent it on its way to the next stop: the fermenter. Next up for Tart of Gold was a relaxing couple of weeks in the fermentation tank like it’s in a cruise ship overflowing with Chardonnay wine grapes. The grapes leave behind a beer that is saturated with white wine character to the point of confusion. Last leg of the journey takes it from fermentation vessel to keg, then from the keg to the glass you find in front of you. With an assertive sourness and a river of vinous character all wrapped up in a refreshing Belgian phenolic gift wrap, just one glass and you'll undoubtedly be searching for another Tart of Gold.

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