Photo of The Decline

The Decline

American Strong Ale

  • 9.5% ABV

Bipartisan in intentions, classic in content, and strong in all aspects, The Decline American Strong Ale is an alcohol fueled essay of admiration to the decades of politically fueled music the Bay Area has gifted us. Taking things back to a time when punk rock reigned in the bay and hoppy beers didn't know what fruit was; we decided to make a big, boozy, malt and hop fueled strong ale that defies party lines. Uncharacteristic for Fieldwork Brewing, we built up a fairly malty platform that has notes of whole grain bread pudding and is balanced out with a riotous bitterness. The debate between malty and bitter is moderated flawlessly by hop aroma and flavors that transport the palate back to 1999. Booming with equal parts grapefruit, pine, and indo; the hops prove more important than either the malt or the bitterness, ending this debate of American Strong Ale with the volume of ten thousand voices. Fellow members of club "We'll Drink Ours," I'd like to introduce you to our beer, he's got his, and I've got mine, meet The Decline.

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Amarillo, Chinook, Columbus