Thermonuclear Global Timeshare

Double IPA

  • 10% ABV

When you are growing up birthdays are all bounce-castles and cake... but eventually they end up morphing into 10% Double IPA to the dome. Every year to celebrate Fieldwork's birthday we are brewing this behemoth of a Double IPA to help us cope with our newly formed wrinkles and probably make us fall asleep with the TV on. This year we packed this mild in malt and massive in body nuclear hop bomb with the stars of the southern hemisphere, Engima and Motueka hops, as well as our lifeblood Citra. Its double dry-hopping results in one seriously stinky beer loaded with tropical and dank notes that clouds the senses. Grab a can and pour a pint and celebrate another year in the books with us.

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Enigma, Citra, Motueka