Photo of Treasure Hands

Treasure Hands

Westcoast IPA

  • 6.7% ABV

As the language of IPA fractures into multiple dialects across the world we feel it's only germane of us to wax poetically in our native tongue, and the result is Treasure Hands Westcoast IPA. Taking inspiration from the classic San Diego IPAs that changed the landscape of beer as we know it, we piled on the time-honored pairing of Amarillo and Simcoe hops to stain the beer with their prototypical grapefruit and pine aromas. With a dainty malt profile and a clobbering of bittering hops, the balance trips aggressively towards the spectrum of dry, bitter, sharp, and clean. That bitterness changes form quickly into a hop charged resinous wave across your palate, saturating it with the aforementioned trademark Westcoast hop profile of grapefruit and pine. The lack of sweetness and spritzy carbonation scrub the hop resins from the crevices of your palate preparing it for another dip in the Pacific. Take a trip down IPA Memory Lane with Treasure Hands Westcoast IPA; a modern take on a historic style that rumor has it had once been the dominant style on store shelves and draft lists way back in the year two thousand and sixteen.

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Amarillo, Simcoe