Photo of Trend Vampire

Trend Vampire

Session IPA

  • 4% ABV

This pint sized hop monster might not have a kitschy 90's reference for a name, or have a label stolen straight from another company's intellectual property, but it is loaded to the gills with every blood sucking buzzword we could fit on a label. To some, Trend Vampire could be considered a Session IPA ; others it may call it a Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, but strictly for the banter, we call it a DDH Hazy New England Style Low-Cal IPA, or DDHHNESLCIPA for short. We took what would be a normal IPA and chopped the ABV and finishing gravities way down till we ended up with a beer that is in all honesty, a lot better than we expected. To mitigate the drier finish from coming off as thin we used some sultana hops in the dry hops, which provides a really nice oily quality and pairs with the oats quite well to give a pleasant mouthfeel without excessive body. Citra still leads the charge with vibrant notes of orange wedges and tangerines with the Sultana comes through the backend with notes of pineapple juice, top shelf terpenes, and Moscato wine. We may have brewed Trend Vampire as a joke, but it's definitely getting packed into our coolers for the weekend right next to some Cronuts, avocado toast, truffle oil, and the word unctuous.

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