Photo of Tres Commas

Tres Commas

Barrel Aged Anniversary Ale

  • 12.3% ABV

To celebrate our third anniversary we have blended together beers from all different points in our first three years of production. The result is a blend of all aged beers, some in barrels, some in stainless, creating a rich profile of roasty cocoa and toffee with lovely notes of bourbon and oak that are layered with a mild and pleasant oxidative quality. The blend of beers that make up this one-time Anniversary Ale are as follows:
(29.6%) - 2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged Good Conduct
(29.6%) - 2017 Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Vikings Lament
(12.8%) - 2016 Stainless Aged Good Conduct base beer
(11.2%) - 2016 Stainless Aged Vikings Lament base beer
(5.6%) - 2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged Vikings Lament
(4.0%) - 2016 Bean Machine Imperial Brown Ale
(2.8%) - 2015 Hannah Bière de Garde
(2.8%) - 2016 Bad Conduct Imperial Brown Ale
(1.6%) - 2015 Monsoon Double IPA

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