Photo of Tropic Glow

Tropic Glow

Double IPA

  • 8.8% ABV

Two of our favorite new arrows in our hop-quiver as of lately have to be Enigma and Idaho7; both quite contrasting in profile, both play excellent with others, and both can be found drumming up an insatiable flavor and aroma profile in Tropic Glow. With an impressively light grain bill for a beer of its size, a pillowy body balance out with just the right amount of bitterness, it doesn’t take long to see that this Double IPA is all about its enigmatic aromas. Fresh from the fridge aromas are of light citrus with hints of floral, wait a moment to let it warm up and the aroma begins to snowball morphing into a charging bull crashing into your olfactory senses like a tourist in Pamplona. Flavors of passionfruit, orange wedges, sauvignon blanc, fresh berries, and peach juice flow freely as temperatures change, with the only constant being a delectably fruity scent of a freshly opened nug jar.

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Enigma, Idaho7