Photo of Tundra


Triple IPA

  • 11% ABV

Tundra is our almost annual stab at making a Triple IPA that is for all intents and purposes, "drinkable." The ridiculous amount of our base malt that is required to brew this beer adds up to create a very simple but functional malt character that is overwhelmed and oversaturated with the juiciest, stickiest, and most potent hops we could source. This year Tundra was inundated with a metaphorical shit ton of Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy, and Strata hops; creating one of the most unique aroma profiles we've had the pleasure of sniffing. Notes of the usual tropical players waft through this double digit monster of a beer but also complex diesel, wine grape, musky, and cotton candy notes swirl through the finish. Until next year, this is Tundra.

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Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy, Strata