Photo of Viking’s Lament

Viking’s Lament

Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Porter

  • 13.5% ABV

Dreamt up during the long dark and cold days of Scandinavia's winter while binging on Rye Whiskey and Norwegian Death Metal; Viking's Lament is a dichotomous beer with evil intentions and delectable results. Starting with a terrifyingly oversized Porter base, we add Treacle, Vanilla Beans, Italian Licorice Juice, and White Ash before it is sent off to its long voyage in Bourbon barrels. As black as ink in appearance, and staining the inside of your glass yellow like motor oil, it is only natural to be scared of the first sip. Aromas of American Whiskey and oak scream from the glass at you, chasing quickly behind are notes of cocoa, vanilla, and charred toffee. As the first swig hits your gullet, the flavors crash into each other like longships in a storm. Rye Whiskey, dark chocolate, and traditional porter flavors cut through like a Battle Axe. Next wave crashes full of burnt sugar and complex mineral notes from the Treacle, Italian Licorice Juice adds dry and slightly astringent notes that help with the perceived dryness and drinkability of this monster, followed lastly by a charge of toasted marshmallow contributed by the White Ash and vanilla beans. Viking's Lament may not have the nicest of intentions, but fortunately the result is a violent symphony of flavor.

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