Photo of Wax



  • 7.3% ABV

We at Fieldwork are always on the search for the new and the great in order to aid in sensory domination… literally, we search. On a trip to Tasmania we came across the most delightful new hop packed with aromas and flavors of lemon peel, lime juice, raspberry puree, cantaloupe slices, and muscat grape. The hop was aptly titled “Enigma” and we knew we’d have to showcase it… just as soon as we could convince officers it wasn’t a bunch of jazz cabbage and have it clear customs. A hefty IPA of oats and raw grains corral in this fairly unruly hop to tame its trademark bite and harness its true potential, making this IPA taste like a carbonated rainbow sherbet on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. With a hint of sweetness and a sticky opaque body this carnival of fruit-driven flavors slowly creeps its way across the palate and drips down the sides of your tongue like Wax.

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