Photo of Westside Motel

Westside Motel

Double IPA

  • 8.3% ABV

Westside Motel is the Double IPA that happens when you hook a right on 21 and Lewis instead of a left. We brewed this Westcoast antithesis to our Double IPA Eastside Motel with and adjunct-free grainbill, fermented it with our Westcoast yeast strain, just a pinch of some Eureka hops to get things a subtle dankness, and added a skosh more bitterness to balance things out; leaving us with a big 'ol hop bomb that still has a nice amount of body, isn't grating with bitterness, is still all sorts of juicy, but is ultimately a more summer-centric and crushable beer. Eastside Motel's juicy profile can't go unrecognized in its westerly counterpart with notes of orange marmalade, passionfruit, pinot gris wine grape and sour diesel dominating the olfactory charts just like the original. Nowadays beer trends shift like the wind but rest assured we'll always put it down for the Westside.

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Citra, Blanc, Eureka