Photo of White Mocha

White Mocha

Golden Stout

  • 5.8% ABV

A recently made-up style consisting of three parts whimsy and one part gluttony, our Golden Stout, "White Mocha" is as pale as your traditional Pale Ale, but is packed with all of the flavors and aromas you would expect in a much larger, darker beer. We started with a grain bill that was light in color, but loaded in malt character, incorporating toasty and smoky notes that speak to the essence of old world Stout. Next, we teamed up with Catahoula Coffee to design a coffee blend that would both replicate the distinct roast character expected in a typical stout, and also the bold aromatic notes you would want in your Sunday morning Mocha. Lastly, we let this beer sit on a bunch of chocolate in the fermenter to round out the stout and mocha driven concepts. White Mocha is a rare breed that is rich enough to be considered a dessert beer, but lacks the typical cloying sweetness of the style remaining drinkable and sessionable in its own right.

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