Photo of White Ribbon

White Ribbon

Czech Pilsner

  • 5% ABV

When we opened the doors to Fieldwork years ago we were determined to not make a Pilsner, not for lack of love, but exactly the opposite. We loved this style so much we didn't think we could do the greats justice. Fast forward a couple years and we're too lazy to go to the market to pick up a sixer of Urquell, so we had to make a Czech Pilsner of our own out of shear convenience. White Ribbon is our humble substitute; an incredibly dry Pilsner with a clean grainy profile and a bright grassy hop bravado courtesy of Saaz hops. An all far too easy drinking Lager, we named this clean and crisp California brewed Czech Pilsner "White Ribbon" to acknowledge that we know the best any of us could ever attain is second place.

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