Photo of Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Extra Pale Ale

  • 5.9% ABV

We'd like to think that if we were ever stuck at the bottom of a wishing well, spouting off a semi-important diatribe about dreams and aspirations, someone would send us down a pale instead of a pail; and preferably, this pale, Wishing Well Pale Ale. This adventure fueled Pale Ale arrives with a haze similar to the coast of Astoria during winter, blanketing this beer and its fair complexion. A juicy aroma of freshly picked and crushed Pinot Gris white wine grapes permeate from the glass, followed by bright notes of Asian pears and under-ripe stone fruits. A heavy mouthfeel with a distinct yet soft British malt profile that accentuates the candy-like nature of the hops, just as fresh and fruity as it is juicy and pillowy; Wishing Well Pale Ale brings forth a unique hop profile that delivers a memorably pungent fruit medley you'll come back for pint after pint.

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