Photo of Yabbo


Session IPA

  • 4.4% ABV

Because not every beer needs to be 7%. Because drinking Double IPAs while fishing can only result in accidental chumming of water. Because drinking a Crowler on a hike should help you down the mountain, not send you down one. Because sometimes we want to drink to drink beer all day. Because of this; we bring you Yabbo Session IPA. Grab your skateboard, pack a bag full of crowlers, and hit the pavement. Nose is huge on ripe melon and bright citrus notes that are quickly followed up by the subtle smell of someone sparking up a spliff on the other side of the park. Keepin on pushing along while the sun is hot and refreshment is crucial. First sip is light and slick with hints of fresh ciabatta toast which quickly becomes overwhelmed by the pool of tropical Mosaic hops that launch out of the crowler's mouth with loud flavors of grapefruit peel, honeydew melon, lemon blossom, and cantaloupe. At 4.4% it's hard to see the harm in cracking open another. Enjoy your time outside doing whatever it is you like to do with some Yabbo Session IPA and keep it on two feet.

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