Photo of Young Murks

Young Murks

Double IPA

  • 8.1% ABV

With many of Fieldwork’s roots being tied to San Diego it is of no surprise that we enjoy bringing our friends from America’s Finest City up to make hop and malt coitus with us. In this instance our friends with murky benefits is Pure Project, hop artisans whose head brewer’s roots are actually from our hood in West Berkeley. Upon their visit we cooked up a Double IPA with all of the hop stank and malt murk you’d expect from either brewery. The windows of this beer get steamed up with sweet fruit notes from the double dry-hopping of Mosaic and Idaho7 hops. Honeydew melon, grapefruit, star fruit, sweet orange peel, and lemon zest permeate from this beer’s hazy and full body like a floating fruit stand on the Mekong. Tropical, juicy, aromatic, and most importantly murky; Young Murks is the quintessential example of what can happen when two breweries who love each other very much put their ingredients together, heat things up, and then attach a brink of yeast and blast 100 liters of slurry inside. Wait three weeks, and out comes this 8.1% happy and healthy Double IPA.

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Mosaic, Idaho7